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Criteria and Fees


We at Adoptions Forever do not have any further restrictions than those stipulated by the Ukrainian government. In addition to this, Adoptions Forever wants to help all those who want to adopt. We realize adoption is expensive and many people can afford to raise children but do not have the resources for adoption expenses. There are a number of ways to finance an adoption, which I would be more than happy to discuss with you.


  • Married couples and single women may adopt.
  • There must be a 15year difference between the age of the child and the age of the adoptive parent.
  • Children already in the home are permitted
  •  There are no religious restrictions.
  •  Previous divorce is acceptable
  •  Families residing anywhere in the U.S can apply

General Description of the Children

Children between 15 months-15 years are available for adoption  (children with special needs can be younger). It is possible to adopt sibling groups at one time. Most of the children are cared for in government institutions most of which are clean and well maintained. Because these orphanages are home to many of these children, adoptive parents could encounter some developmental delays and /or emotional issues. You are encouraged, with our help, to seek an independent medical consultation from a western trained physician, prior to making your final decision to adopt.  Studies have shown that after a child is placed in his/her new home, improved nutrition and a stimulating environment help most make the needed gains in growth and development.

Program Description.

The Kyiv (aka Kiev) based National Adoption Center is the only legal Ukrainian authority for adoptions. It maintains the database of all adoptable children available for international  (and domestic) adoptions.  Only eligible children who are registered with the NAC will be considered for international adoptions. They are the only organization in Ukraine that can provide the photos, information and videos of available children.

Unlike other countries, you will receive no information about any child prior to your travel. You will prepare a dossier as you would for any other country.  With the help of Adoptions Forever your dossier will be submitted to the NAC, National Adoption Center, in Ukraine. They will review your information and once you are approved you will receive an appointment to go there to review photos and information of waiting children. After initial interest in a child, you would then visit the orphanage and determine for yourselves whether a match was made.

Following official acceptance of your child, a local court date is set within 5-7days. Both parents must be present for the court hearing however, only one parent needs to remain in Ukraine. A POA must be given to the remaining spouse and a visit to the US embassy in Kyiv to file some paperwork. There is a 30-day grace period after the court hearing before the final adoption decree can be issued. It is almost always waived or reduced, however if it is not, both parents could leave Ukraine and only one parent would need to return to complete the process.

Help with travel plans and every other possible concern you have will be addressed prior to your leaving.  You will be assisted by our facilitator from the time you are picked up in Kyiv airport to the time you leave for the USA with your child. You will receive a list of things, which might be helpful to bring and make your trip that much easier prior to your leaving. I personally am available to assist you as your concerns arise 24/7




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