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Adoptions Forever Home Studies is a fully licensed adoption agency assisting families living in Florida who are planning to adopt either domestically or internationally.

Scheduling a home study is the first step in helping you meet the joys and challenges of parenthood. We specialize in providing a thorough and complete home study also known as a pre-placement assessment. This is the initial step in what may be a private, agency, identified, domestic or international adoption. This process can seem overwhelming and daunting but it does not have to be. It is our goal to simply this process by providing friendly, efficient service with an end product, which is concise, comprehensive and tailored to meet all requirements. We provide this service for those adopting domestically or internationally (through Hague or Non Hague countries). We also provide post placement services, adoption counseling and referral, when indicated. We are a boutique agency, working with a small number of families at any one time. What this means for you is a quick turn-around time for the completion of your home study, if required, at no extra charge. For more information, contact Megan at




Adoptions Forever Home Studies, LLC
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